February 2019

Dear One,

I sometimes think that I am a star in the movie "Groundhog Day."
I have just re-read my Love Letter from February 2016.

It reads:
"After all these years, it seems that this is the moment to not only assist you but to insist you in giving up your addictive behavior based on your negative unconscious and resistance based in fear."

It continues:
"How do I help you to see that you were born in the image of Gd?
How do I help you to see that your belief in your suffering, your faults is breaking your heart?
How do I help you to accept that you must change your belief system and take responsibility for your own self loving?
How do I help you to experience that no one outside of you can help?"

And now, dear friend, three years later, I realize that I cannot do anything for you that you are not willing to do for yourself.

One of my biggest challenges, and definitely my life's lesson, is that I cannot demand or require that my love heal any one else.

I must heal myself.

I breathe this sentence into every cell of my body, into every tissue. Now I finally accept that I am not my body. My body is a container that I have "rented" for this life's incarnation. I will leave it gratefully when I am ready to go home.

I read somewhere that our issues are lodged in our tissues. I know that Core Energetics, the B.R.E.T.H. work and Prayer have helped me to release these issues.

This morning I read a quote from Marianne Williamson: "The pilgrimage is a process by which we change what we think and transform who we are."

I was aware that I had a very small but present and subtle emotional reaction. I believe:

"we are already who we are trying so hard to be."
I now have integrated into the tissues of my being that Gd is my breath and the source of my being. I have, with great gratitude, worked on the thoughts that created these E.R.s

(I have asked you to do this also.) We must be aware of the thoughts that cause us a reaction that is based on our history and our wounding. (ALWAYS ASKING IN THIS MOMENT: IS IT TRUE?)

I once was told by my Helper (and that Is what the Pathwork is about) that when Michelangelo was asked how he sculpted the David, his reply was that he chipped away all that wasn't David. Our perfection exists when I accept and choose to believe that I am a manifestation of the Divine. Our freedom lies beyond our self hatred and denial. It is based on knowing that we incarnated to bring Love where Love was not in ourselves.

I will repeat the questions that I asked in 2016:
Are you willing to accept the Soul's plan for incarnation?
Are you willing to own all of who you are and bring this light into your "darkness"? (or bring your darkness up into the light)
Are you willing to honor all of your feelings, and let go of your hysterical reactions to history? (12 Step Slogan)
Are you willing to accept that you are your own teacher and that no head is higher than your own?
This is what I have learned:

Only love is real...and that love creates miracles.

Here is a quote from M.W.:

"Gd is closer to me than my breath.
He is the light of compassion and the power of forgiveness.
(Acceptance must come first)
He is the truth of my being, and the source of my strength.
As long as I remember this, I will know who I am."

Dear Gd,

Please take from me the belief of my being rejected and abandoned.
Or the thought that anyone's opinion of me can cause me pain or make me believe that I am not of value.
Take away the thought that I need to defend or explain myself.
Help me to feel your heart beat in mine, so I may share this consciousness with all I see.

I send all of you my gratitude for allowing me to enter your hearts on this day of love.

I wish you the most consciously loving Valentine's Day,

Barbara Azzara (aka Glabman-Cohen)

Please listen to the song:
Andrea Bocelli - 'Sono Qui' ('I Am Here')