April 2019

Dear One,

When you receive this, I will be on my way to Florida.
This will be my new home, and will open the door to new possibilities.
I am excited, my heart is beating strongly with every feeling imaginable: joy, apprehension, fear, excitement... and with each beat there is another thought and another feeling.
I have been blessed to be able to share this with you.

On May 19, 1986, I had a session with Emmanuel, and I found this transcription while I was packing.  I would like to share part of it with you.  It has taken me thirty six years to integrate these teachings.

Emmanuel: "Barbara, in your own "beingness", you represent a uniqueness, a quality of gold that is particular only to you.  Now what is to be done with this in the year, or the years to come?  What are you to recognize as part of your, "not task that word has long since been outgrown", your virtue, your blessing, your grace, your opportunity and your joy.
Your life, as you live it as a gift.  It is a gift first to you and to those your love, and it is also a gift to those you have not yet met.
In the year to come, the focus of course, will continue to be on SELF and what that Self has come to mean to you, in the responsibility,
the joyous, joyous, joyous responsibility of acknowledging SELF to the depth that you are capable at any moment, and of embracing you world through the joy of expressing that SELF.  For you there is no other way.  Oh! you teach and chide, admonish, you bless, you embrace.
The moment  that you merge with the inner self all other aspects of knowledge become irrelevant.  It is the "Beingness" in the moment, that is the healer, that is the teacher.  This your blessing."

What I have learned throughout this lifetime of being with you and loving you,  is that you and I are one, connected by bands of gold.  Our commitment to this journey of standing in the light will touch and permeate others... and will soon be experienced as the "Only" truth:

We are here to be a vessel for Gd 's love and light.

We are here to remember and to remind each other, to be "verifiers" of each others' light.  It will take as long as it will take.  AND it will happen.

I am learning so much in this "moving experience": It is to meet the limiting, frustrating experiences with unlimited thinking which then creates unlimited possibilities. 

I ask Gd to help me to remember:

"With Gd all things are possible."
Be in peace,
Be in love,

With Love,
Rev. Barbara Azzara