May 2019

Dear One,

I am here. I am living in Boca, Florida. I am here, and what a journey it has been.

It has been a challenge. If something could go wrong, it did, and it is still continuing to do so. Although I have been supported by my family and Earth Angels, and I am in my beautiful new home, my ego constantly tempts me to listen to its voice, and to its negative interpretation of the world. 

I have been meditating, praying and "being" in my prayer:

Dear G-d,
'Help me to be still, help me to listen and to hear my Higher Self, and
awaken me from my dream of my wounding.
Help me to enter your presence now and to release the hand of fear.
Please allow your love to fill my mind and heart so that I am utterly calm within your arms.

I am aware that G-d will never take me where He will not support me, and I pray for patience and the commitment to this belief.
I am entering the last chapter of my story, and will be celebrating my 86th birthday.

I am grateful for my children and grandchildren and those angels who have been with me on this incredible journey.

Whenever and wherever there is love, there are miracles.

Join me in creating them as I enter this next step.

Listen to Andrea Bocelli - 'I Am Here' (English Version of 'Sono Qui'):

With Love,

Rev. Barbara Azzara (Glabman-Cohen)
BOCA RATON FL 33432-6710