July 2019

Dear One,

  The sun is shining very brightly in my new home.
I look around as I stand in my living room, seeing a cloudless sky.
I allow the light and gratitude to fill me.  Thank you Gd.
My journey has been one of exploration, following my heart's map into this constant adventure.

  I was born in Brooklyn 86 years ago.  I spent two years in undergraduate school in Glenside Pennsylvania, then back to Brooklyn to graduate from N.Y.U.
  I moved to Chicago when I was married, then back to Brooklyn while my husband was in Medical School.
We bought our first home in Great Neck, New York.  My husband commuted to Mount Sinai, and we brought our three children up in our lovely home.
  I moved to New Your city (the upper East Side).  I was married a second time and I became a therapist and a teacher of The Pathwork and Emmanuel.
  I moved to Coconut Grove in Florida, 2003... (I was married the third time)
  I do believe that relationships are the ground for the soul to grow.
We then moved to Northern California.  I lived there for 18 years with my third husband.  We led spiritual retreats. He died in 2016.
  I now live  in Boca Raton, Florida.

  I have taught in Australia, Italy, Holland, France, Serbia, Mexico, Brazil, St. Thomas, the British Virgin Islands, and in America.
Looking around my apartment, I see my life, through the mementos I have kept  that remind me that :
      I am now strong where I was weak, and my defense of my wounds no longer dictates my behavior.
      Throughout my life I have been drawn to situations and challenges that held the opportunity for my greater learning.
  I am grateful that I am grounded in the love that fills my heart.  I remember with each breath that I am eternal and every encounter, every challenge is "sacred" and a reminder of who I am in Gd.
  As I look around my home I see the beauty that my life has created.  I say thank you, thank you "LIFE IS GD"    
  Looking back in time, I see the gifts that going through the pain of my wounding and feeling all of my feelings have allowed me to unravel and open.   
  I am grateful for the miracles that my choice to love has brought to me. 
  I thank you Gd for sending me angels on this journey of self-awareness.    
  You know who you are... and you live and share the present moment with me.
  I thank you.

"Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.
The real miracle is the love that inspires them.
In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle."
                                                           - A Course In Miracles

This 4th of July holiday may you experience independence from fear.

Love is never far from an open and grateful heart.

In grace and gratitude,
Barbara Azzara  (a.k.a. Glabman-Cohen)  

Please listen to: Rod Stewart 'For the First Time'