September 2019

Dear One,

I want to start this Love Letter with a prayer.
My time here in Boca Raton, Florida has been supported and rooted in my daily prayers to G·d.
I have had the incredible experience of the healing effect of prayer, and the knowing that surrender
is a process of emptying my mind.
Often the outside world appears so broken and chaotic. The world, like the weather here in Florida, is always changing. I am adjusting to change. I am adjusting and letting go of my need to control and having things my way.
As everything is changing around me, I am aware that I am safe, and that within me there is a peace beyond all understanding.
I have learned to still my mind. I pray to hear the voice of love, and choose to breathe into that silence moment to moment.

Dear G·d,
As I sit here, I ask that my mind experience Your peace, and not waver in this commitment.
May my heart know Your light and may ever cell in my body vibrate and fill me with the miracle of what it feels like to be passionately alive and fearless.
May I be a vessel for your loving compassion, and an expression of your creation.

This is what my focus has been this month: expressing what my soul knows without the interference of my ego.
It is simple:
We incarnate to bring G·d's love into this fractured world.
We have to find what LOVE means in order to give it to ourselves first and not demand it or expect it from others.
We have to choose to remember who we are, not who we have been told we are and should be.
We have to be a witness to our "reaction" to others. Do we submit and then become the victim of someone else's demands? Are we emotionally reacting with behavior that serves our unconscious addiction to fear's demands?

My refrain is: "did I love myself today." What does this mean?
Whenever I have shame, guilt, fear, anger, resentment towards anyone it is mirrored by my own lack of self love. My judgment of other is only a mirror of my own self denial.
Are you willing to accept yourself as you are?
If you cannot do this, than how can you expect anyone else to do this?

I will reword Jesus: "Give to yourself first what you demand others to give you."
Are you willing to be reborn, resurrected? Giving birth to your spiritual self is an arduous process. Be patient, be gentle and hold yourself with infinite love, for that is who your are... eternal love.

I ask you to look into the mirror, breathe deeply and say:
"I love you, (your name)
I am sorry, (that I was not always there for you)
Forgive me, (for my forgetting and not accepting myself for who I am)
Thank you (It is time to fall in love with myself)."

We are not fallen Angels, we are angels living a very human experience in a world the is imperfectly perfect, learning to love ourselves with our imperfections.
My blessings, and I ask you to sit in the vast space of being love.
Barbara Azzara (aka: Glabman-Cohen)

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