November 2019

Dear One,

I am back from a mind-altering, heart-opening experience in Brazil.

I am absolutely grateful and open in this moment.

In re-reading my Love Letter from 2018, I have come to appreciate that the teachings themselves do not change -- only those students who are willing to commit themselves to the action will change.

The more things change the more they remain the same.  Therefore, I am sharing my Love Letter from 2018 with you again and hope that you receive it with love.

Have A Very Blessed Thanksgiving,

In Gratitude,

* * * * *

When I began to write my Love Letter I found it difficult to land on a topic.  I had many thoughts and feelings.
There is one thought that emerged:  I am created in G-d's breath (The Bible) and according to a Jewish prayer:

"My G-d, the Soul you have placed in me is pure."

No matter what curriculum you study, or who is your teacher... 
G-d is in you and you are His vessel for serving love in this lifetime.
(The Prayer of St. Francis)

Everywhere I turned this month, every experience I had, I knew that I had a choice:  Love or Fear.  If I was in an "Emotional Reaction," I was a witness to my insistence that my emotions and my thoughts were based in history.  There is in any moment a second to remember:

Love is to fear as light is to darkness.

With each breath I take I have a choice to be a prisoner of my history, to judge, to blame, to be angry, and to be a victim...OR
I can choose to take responsibility for the thoughts I think, to change my mind and then to change my experience.

This is the gift we have been given:  Free Will.

What I have become aware of is that Faith is an innate quality of the Soul.  Once we AWAKEN to the knowing that we are created in the essence of G-d, we no longer need faith to move mountains.
(If we had faith we would not need the mountains to move).
This has been a time of great movement for me, and great "Thankfulness."

I remember when Emmanuel would ask me:  What do you know that for you is Unchangeable?
Well for me... it was chocolate ice cream with nuts.  (although even this has changed)
What is unchangeable for you?  Take the time and write these things down.

This month I saw how everything changes... what I was so sure about, I now have doubts about. Day turns into night, bad does turn into good, betrayals and perpetrators turn into gifts, young turns into old, and life turns into death.

"The Universe is change;
our life is what our thoughts make it."
~ MARCUS AURELIUS, Roman emperor (161 to 180)

This is what I have learned: What I had closed my heart to, what fear had "protected" me from feeling (my vulnerability) is now the very circumstance that has allowed me to open my heart and to live life fully.

"Faith is not blind hope.
Faith is the absence of fear.
Without Fear there can be a complete surrender
to all that is."
~ Glenda Green

I have learned from going through and feeling the pain of my own self denial. (in the Guide's word: the "woundings".)
I have learned from accepting the What "IS" that happiness is a direct result of allowing happenings to happen.
I have learned not to be ashamed, not to feel guilty, and to definitely not blame another for my emotions. 

"No one can hurt you without your permission."
Eleanor Roosevelt  

I have practiced responding, instead of reacting emotionally.   I  am gratefully aware of the thoughts that cause my Emotional Reaction.   When I have finished telling and reacting to my life will begin.  My mantra is:

Change Begins With Me.
Taking responsibility is my key to freedom.

I now know the truth is the same for all man.  No matter the verbiage or the text or the teacher.
For me it is my willingness my commitment to remember that:

"The will of G-d will never take me where the Grace of G-d will not protect me."

The issue  for me then is:  where is my faith and who am I in G-d?
This Thanksgiving...this is my prayer:

Dear G-d,
Help me to be in my breath...
Help me to know that there is nothing to do, or anyway to be,
except to accept me as I am.
As G-d answered to Moses:  "I am the I am."
Help me to breathe myself into my own heart.
Help me to remember who I am and  know the courage that it took
for me to incarnate into this human life/body.
Help me be the flame for your love.
Ignite me so that I may serve you.
I am forever grateful that you are with me, and that I chose to be with you.
Thank you G-d.  I have so much to be Thankful for.

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday.
Please take a moment and express your gratitude with/to  those you share this life's adventure with.

In Grace,
Barbara Azzara (Aka Glabman Cohen)

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