December 2019

Dear One,

I just remembered what Emmanuel once said to me:

"Beyond the human illusion nothing exists but love."
I am sitting here, in this present moment, feeling into this thought.
The year 2019 is coming to an end and what a year it has been for me.
I have dedicated myself to being open to and aware of the emotional experiences of feeling afraid and separated, and how this
feels in my body, and then... the joyful feeling of choosing to feel love and unity.
I have been dedicated to this choice:  Love or fear.
Each morning I wake up and I choose to see that I am not a victim, and that what I manifest depends upon what I choose to believe.

Life is a point of you, and my thoughts create my experience.

I have moved to Florida, I have taught in Brazil (  and I am grateful to my students who have honored my teaching by receiving me and my 
curriculum: "We Are Substitute teachers for G-d."

I live in gratitude, especially when I am sad.  I see how the tears are my liquid longing and they help me to go through my pain and not be the victim of it.

I found this Jewish prayer in my journal.  I want to share it:

"My G-d,
Guard my tongue from deceit, my  lips from speaking  lies.
When others hurt me, help to quiet my soul.
May the core of my being remain tied to You and unmoved from others.
Please open my heart to your wisdom.
May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you.
May my sustenance and hope be thy will."

2019 has been filled with making amends, and gratitude.
I offer this prayer to you for the New Year:
I imagine us all in a temple offering these words to the Universe.

"To those I have wronged, I ask forgiveness,
To those I have helped, I wish I could have done more...
To those I neglected, I ask for your understanding.
To  those who have accepted and loved me,
I sincerely thank you.''

What a world of peace the energy of this prayer would create.
I wish you love beyond all "understanding."
A Blessed and Happy New Year 2020

Barbara Azzara (a.k.a. Glabman -Cohen)

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