March 2020

Dear One,

Can it be 60 years ago that my youngest daughter was born?
Where did the years ago?
My life has been a blessed adventure. I have loved, traveled, taught, laughed and gradually learned about acceptance, forgiveness,
patience and gratitude. What a journey this has been. I still have a few more songs to sing and dances to dance.

I will have an operation on my hip on March 9th, and my children will be coming here to assist me in my recovery.
Marianne Williamson writes:
"My body is a vessel through which my spirit can operate while in this world, and I am grateful for it....
I am not my body, and my body is not me.
My body is temporary and I am not.
My body ages, but my spirit does not."

For me this has been a powerful lesson. I am a vessel for Gd's love. (St. Francis Prayer.)
Living this life with full consciousness,
I would like to offer you my prayer.

"To the Gd in all of us,
I offer myself (and you) this moment of silence so that I may enter into a deeper awareness.
I breathe deeply, and with each breath I take I fill myself with spaciousness.
I fill this space with wonder and gratitude as I take the time to review my life and the circumstances that have brought me to this moment of NOW... beyond my history, beyond my wounding, beyond the
illusion and the fear of separation, and beyond the human condition.

As I enter this space of "creative emptiness", I breathe deeply and freely.
I invite my Guides in so I may explore and embrace new dimensions of thought and feeling.
In this emptiness I wait. I breathe. I listen for the "still point."
When my mind is still, I hear something new. I feel it.
It is the pulse of life.
In great gratitude I wait, breathing, and praying.
Help me dear Gd,
Help me to empty myself of my history, of my anger and blame.
Help me to empty myself so that I may be filled with You.
Help me so that I may bring awareness to my consciousness and that I may bring acceptance to this
pulsation of life.
Dear Gd,
I ask to fill myself with breath. I am aware of the in breath filling me with love, and the out breath releasing the fear.
I am aware of my body filling myself with You as I breathe.
I am aware of Gd with and without me.
I am aware of breathing in awareness... and
I am breathing in Gratitude for this life.
Thank you Gd,
I am awake.

Barbara Azzara (aka Glabman-Cohen)

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