April 2020

Dear One,

On Monday March 9th, I underwent surgery for a hip replacement.
I was very slowly coming into the real world paying attention to the voices around me.
It took me awhile.
As my head was clearing... I heard all the news on T.V. but what was the truth?
I was bombarded with the news from around the world that we were in a pandemic.
People were dying. Countries were being closed down.

I sat in utter confusion. I was alone, or at least I felt I was.
I remember a Quote from A Course in Miracles:

"The universe in not random, but intentional.
It reflects the will of Gd,
the cosmic Thought driving all things to greater perfection.
My ego mind --
my own self hatred masquerading as self love would
always point in the direction of fear."
I sat, I breathed, I wondered what this was about.  Yes!  The outer reflection was terrifying.  I felt the truth  of the moment, and yet
was there another truth?  Was there a deeper meaning for me to reflect on?
I thought of my life and my dedication to choose love...the choosing moment by moment of my faith, and to know and to be with Gd.
I though of the prayers, and my intent to be a vessel for Gd's love. 
I thought of my teachers:  The Guide and Emmanuel:
I remembered a Pathwork lecture #215... and what was for me the essential teaching:

"The present moment is a psychic explosion that has run through millennia to the last hour that you have lived, culminating in the very thought you finished thinking in this moment."
(Please read this lecture and discover and reflect  on your deepest thoughts.)

This is where the the real work comes in.  As Emmanuel often would ask:  "Have you loved yourself today?"  I often thought that we are all Angels  living a very human existence... so there would never be perfection.  Now I am realizing that this Virus contains a maleficent thought... we are not perfect love!!!!

This is what this pandemic is about.  If we are Gd's children... how are we not accepting ourselves in His/Her perfection?
Today was the day, a challenge to see what this pandemic was offering on this deeper level:  Where is the love? Who are you? Where is your faith?
We are being asked to enter the most sacred of times, to go within and to reflect.

Here is a poem by Lynn Ungar.  Minister for the Unitarian Universalist Church

"What if you thought of it as the Jews consider the Sabbath --the most sacred of times?
Cease from travel.
Cease from buying and selling.
Give up, just for now, on trying to make the world different than it is,
Sing. Pray. Touch only those to whom you commit your life.
Center down.

And when your body has become still, reach out with your heart.
Know that we are are connected in ways that are terrifying and beautiful.
(You can hardly deny it now)
Know that our lives are in one another's hands.
(Surely that has come clear)
Do not reach out with your hands.
Reach out with your heart.
Reach out with your words.
Reach out with your tendrils off compassion that move, invisibly, where we cannot touch.

Promise this world your love -- for better or for worse,
in sickness and in health so long as we all shall live."

You and I are loved by Gd.  We are love!  This is what this pandemic is about... to come back to this remembering.
We are created in Gd's image. We are here to heal the world with our love. We are vessels for Gd's love.

I would like to leave you with these words:

Breathe.  Go still deeper.  Go beyond any history or wounding that you are still holding to.

Let go. 
Surrender to this moment.
Float gently beyond all thoughts of separation,
Feel yourself  beyond your mind,
Allow your heart to open.
Feel the waves of love move gently across your body.
Breathe... and know who you are in Gd.

Today I accept that I am a child of a universe created by love.

I send you my love and my blessings, 
Barbara Azzara (aka.Glabman-Cohen)

Please listen to the song 'Face of God' by Karen Drucker