May 2020

Dear One,

I have been sitting here, reflecting and meditating... this is what I have come up with.
I will be 87 years in May and I am very grateful for my adventure called life.
The thoughts keep tumbling and knocking into each other. What came first... which formed the foundation of my experience? Does it matter?
Living in quarantine, in isolation, does it matter the orderliness of my thinking?
I am grateful and that is what I am attempting to prioritize... my "life-solving repertoire."
We all have said these words: "change your thinking and you will change your experience."

I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers: some not in bodies (The Guide, Emmanuel, A Course in Miracles) and they all teach the same: Love is all there is: I have spent 87 years dedicating myself to choosing Love.
I have often wondered re: the teaching "Nothing exists outside of your self. Everything comes from within."
Emmanuel teaches that when we are in Spirit and decide to "incarnate" we choose the family and circumstances that will bring us into the light.

When I began my "illumination path" I wrote this:
"My greatest desire is to know You as Me and to give up my fear so that I can experience the Beloved and know that we are ONE."
My teachers taught me about Ego, about Forgetting, about Unconsciousness Negativity... AND that I have choice... Free Will. This is what remembering is about: Choosing: Love vs. Fear.
I proclaimed: We are angels living a very human life.
I lived this thought until the pandemic and now I focus on my illuminating my "darkness" and igniting my "light" so that I am can be a light bearer and heal the world.
I have incarnated to bring Heaven to Earth. My Soul is eternal.

This thought that we are all one, that you and I are one... created by Gd's breath is what I have learned in my 87 years: I am Gd and so are you.
This takes devotion, this takes commitment and this takes remembering. We cannot leave what we cannot love... ( Living as Gd P.R. Stewart )
Call it Gd... call it Love... Call it accepting life as it is... Call it Forgiveness:
"Your task is not to seek for love but merely seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

We cannot leave what we do not love... This is what the Pandemic is about.

I would like to share what my friend C. Mack wrote about this.

"The Weaver"
Our world is a tapestry hanging in the universal gallery.
It was woven over the millennium by the individual threads
Of every sentient being and every world event.

There was a time that this tapestry was magnificent,
tightly woven with incredible threads of quality
in colors beyond description.
The common thread was consciousness.

Over time new threads appeared in our tapestry.
They were loosely woven, of lesser quality and muted colors,
The threads contained the seeds of lower consciousness,
The common thread was ego.

So intent were we on pursuing our ego-driven goals
that we ignored the gaps and frayed threads in our tapestry,
and continued weaving in the wars, the hatred, poverty, greed and
inhumanities of the past.
The common thread was dispassion.

But as our tapestry began disintegrating, the the threads becoming dust in the universal sky,
we realized that our threads could no longer bind the tapestry.
In our frantic attempts to keep weaving were pointless but we continued in our old ways.
The common thread was fear.

Then a stranger arrived, cloaked in darkness adding to our fear.
It wrecked havoc on our world, uprooting our lives as we knew it,
claiming lives and destroying economies, our security, our governments.
bringing us to our knees.
We tried to keep weaving bit it was too late...
The common thread was gone.

Now very little of our tapestry is recognizable.
But look you see the rainbow in the tears of the grieving?
Do you see the blue skies instead of pollution.
Can you hear the song of the birds in the silence?
Have you see the families laughing and playing together tin the absence of demanding jobs
Do you recognize the faces of your neighbors?
Are you finding joy it the simple pleasures?

Can it be that a new WEAVER is amongst us?
Mending our tapestry with a new, stronger, more beautiful thread that he has spun?
A new thread for all of us to use as we join him in creating our renovated tapestry.

....and now as the darkness is lifting, a corona appearing above the weaver who is artfully Creating a new world.
Can it be that the stranger who appeared is indeed our Master Weaver?"

When we choose to love there is no worry, no anxiety, no fear of tomorrow...there is just the present moment.
Join me in breathing into the present moment.
I am calm.
I am still...
In the silence I hear:
Love is the nature of my being.

-- Barbara

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Barbara Azzara (a.k.a. Barbara Glabman-Cohen)

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