June 2020

A very Gd loving morning to you, Dear One.
As I sit here in the quiet of a new day and begin this Love letter what do I want to say?
I have been "Home bound" since March 12th.  Is there anything new I have discovered?
I think this quote from Jeshua says it all:

"When the worries of the world come and assail you with the what if's... What if they-as if they are separate from you-will not allow you x, y, and z? Well, you know what you will do. You will be most creative, and you will work at it until they-who are you-do allow you to do that which you know you are going to do anyway. That is the bottom line truth. You are going to do it anyway." --  Jeshua

Each day I think of the great teachers and teachings that I have been a student of.   What will transform my fear?  What will release the anger, the worry, the anxiety?

I had a wonderful (Zoom) conference for my birthday and some of the feedback of my teachings were so simple.
"Remember you are Gd's seed here to bring love where love is not.  This is an absolute for transformation.
Give up your attachment and addiction to the belief and the behavior that supports you are not (Gd) good enough.
Fall in love with yourself... and follow your heart not your fear.
Fear is your teacher it is what brought us here.
Let go of your belief in your wounding... BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT... this moment is all there is.
Our ego (edging Gd out) is what keeps us in pain.
Pain is not an option, but suffering is. Suffering is the resistance to feeling what is present.
Fall in love with yourself... do not expect that someone else will do it until you do.
What you judge in another is what you refuse to accept in yourself. 
We are All Gd's children."

This is my curriculum for a peaceful world.
I was thinking of a simple exercise to create this.
Find a a comfortable place to sit...relax and breathe consciously.
NOW....take a big breath in and hold it!
Hold it...do not let go.  HOLD IT!   HOLD IT!
No matter what... DO NOT LET GO.
"I WILL NOT LET GO"... (a symbol of not letting go of your resistance.)
And when you are so filled that you cannot hold on any longer... LET GO.
It is organic... and so simple.
Give up you resistance.
Give up the belief that you have control and surrender yourself to Gd.
(Call it energy, call it Love, call it your Higher Power)
Turn you will and your life over to Gd.  (12 Step Program)
Sit in this moment of letting go... of being vulnerable to what you truly want to create;

"The choice to be used as an instrument of love, right here, right now is a choice for personal empowerment."  (M.W.)

Why Wait????

This is how simple it is... choose LOVE.   Remember who you are, and your reason for incarnating:
To bring love where love is not... first to ourselves. 
This is the deepest meaning of the virus;

We must bring peace to this world.  We must remember who we are. What I have been taught is that lighting our own light (commitment to our truth) this personal transformation will "Save the world."

My prayer for today:
"May I be a canvas on which Gd Himself can write, a vessel through which He can operate His miraculous authority on earth, I open myself to receive His power that it might then extend through me, as a blessing I receive, and then as a blessing I give."  (M.W.)

I offer you this poem:

David Whyte recites Derek Walcott's "Love After Love"

Thank you,
With my blessings,
Barbaraa Azzara (Glabman-Cohen)