July 2020

Dear One,

What a time to explore who I am.  The truth be known, there is nothing more fun for me to do than to take the time to explore and connect with the truth of who I am. This is the perfect time for me to sit quietly and to review my life and my response  to it.
I have been in Lock down since March 14.  I have only been out of my home "two times" and that was to go to the Surgeon who did my hip replacement.

I am grateful for my students who work with me on Email  and on Skype.
I am grateful that we are exploring what I call:
"Paving the Way to Joy." (It is the title for a book I am writing.)

We are exploring the "false truths"  that govern their lives (and mine).
We are consciously letting go of the "back story" and the addictive behavior that keeps us prisoners.
We are diving whole heartily into our calcified resistance and own unwillingness to take responsibility for our images rather than own the
essence of who we are. (We are G-d enough and co-creators, not victims and powerless)
The world is dying... the light is going out.  Our marching and protesting is not enough.  We must wake up to who we are and act on this compassion.
We must bring our light, first to ourselves and then to each other.
We are being asked to remember who we are.

We have explored our Lower Selves, our negative unconscious, and our addictive behaviors, and now we must face the false truth that
has governed our lives. Are you willing to give up your calcified resistance  based on your belief in fear?  
 Now is the time.

When I first began my spiritual exploration, I took a workshop with Stewart Emery.  I must say that it took me 40 years to integrate all that he taught. I kept saying "I do not understand."  He kept saying  "understanding was the booby prize of life."   I now know that understanding does not create change... only action does.  Each morning, this is what I find myself meditating on... trying to reach the stillness... wanting to experience the:
"Peace that surpasses all understanding."

I breathe in, and internal peace is filling me.  It is only when I allow this stillness to occur that I do not fear the chaos of my mind.
This world, this material world is always changing.  What I choose to remember is that G-d is within me and I am safe.  
Please join me in this prayer
Dear G-d.
I surrender my mind to you and ask you to surrender each cell of me into light and love.
May my mind know your peace,
and my heart know "Your love."   
 Dear G-d,
I ask that anyone who enters my energy feels the healing power of my love.
 So be it,

Barbara Azzara (Glabman-Cohen)
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