August 2020

Dear One,

I am sitting here in the quiet of the night, and the silence is a blessing.
In a very unusual way, I have become grateful for the "Lock Down" and the removal of  the shoulds and musts of my life.  I am present... and there is nothing for me "to do".  Each day, it becomes easier and clearer to accept "What is."  It is a very peaceful place to be.
I had been thinking of "what" and "who" I was missing in this Pandemic....
 I begun to write.
I wrote four lines, and then I had an idea....
I would send my lines to a student and ask him to respond simply to my lines, and then I would send it to the next student to respond, etc. etc.
We Created what I call:  The Never Ending Love Song.
I share it with you.

A Never Ending Love Song......
written by some of my students (now my colleagues)

 I miss you...  and fill myself with the rhythm of my breath... in... out...
 breathing with consciousness,  I become calm.
What or who am I missing?
Dear G-d, I take this time to sense your presence.
Be here as I go through this:
I want...
Help me to touch what I want.     B.A.

Help me to touch the part of myself that I have forgotten
and to remember who I am.
I am your child, held in the safety of your loving grace.  M.G.

I resonate with you Mother Earth as I feel your elements reflected in me.
Your fire is my core, burning brightly, illuminating the magnificence that is love.
Your air is my breath, as I breathe in and out, each breath an invitation to experience the Divine.
Your trees are my long bones, I have four and they keep me strong.
Your rivers and streams all flow through my blood, my lymph and fluids in my body. Your rains are my tears that I shed in longing, the longing of communion with the Divine.
Your precious metals carried in my blood, my tissues, my whole body that keeps me alive in perfect balance.
Dear Mother Earth, I am you and you are me, we are one.  P.G.

I have a voice
my own voice
but am I but ONE voice.
there's my voice as
the father
the husband
the artist
the child
the man
the student
the friend
the activist
the teacher...
and I ask for all those voices to be held, to be allowed the space to breathe and to trust  their greater knowing and to speak with grace. I know that all those voices are part of me, just as each individual grain of sand makes up the ocean's floor.
The truth is, in my "best" moments, I AM but one voice, the voice of God. I again ask to be held in His love,so that those grains of sand that make me who I am are allowed to vibrate and flourish. ❤  R.P.

....And the truth is, words are meaningless.
maybe nothing needs to be said
maybe nothing needs to be understood
maybe we don’t need to capture God with our minds
I spent the day living
Feeling the sun
Not trying so hard
No deadlines
No commitments
And it was glorious!  S.R.F.

...To my Angel, and my human self: Thank you for your curiousity
and love of life.
Thank you for molding me into the woman I am today, and
to let you know that as your older self I love you for who
you are and for who we have become...
 Thank you for bringing me to the place where I can remember who I am.
Thank you for your beauty inside and out.
Thank you for making the choices -- conscious, or not, which brings me closer to G-d.
Thank you for who I am... an older more loving self of who we are....
I love you, I am you... I am love.   L.M.

Walking out onto the precipice.
A cool but unsettling breeze stirs.
Alone, I am in this moment.
Do I turn back or move out to the edge.
The Edge. I’m both drawn and compelled.
Too far I have come to turn back.
I don’t want to turn back.
But I am afraid of the Fall.
Where is my Faith?
Remembering those words.
Those words uttered by my teachers.
Faith is after you leap and before you fall.
My heart quickens and my belly churns.
No guarantees.  Nothing for mind to grasp onto.
God, please guide and protect me on this path toward You.
Lighten my load so that I may soar.
Should my body survive this leap,
Allow me to give of my gifts,
To share your light.
For the sake of all  beings.
Blessings to ALL and May Peace Prevail.  M.F.


I feel your presence and know that I'm not alone.
Remember who you have always been,
with an open and overflowing heart.  C.P.

It is you that I miss, it is You who I want.  I fill myself  and you within the rhythm of my breath
I feel the flame within me igniting.
I remember who I am.
Thank you for reminding me:  We are love.   B.A.

This was such a simple and deep exploring of who we all want when we are willing to choose love:  To remember who we are in G-d.
Please join me in this meditation:  I am love
Begin to breathe into every cell of your body G-d's love and light.
                                 (Visualize...take as long as you need.)
   As you breathe out ...breathe out your attachment to your thoughts of unworthiness, of victimhood, and suffering.
                                 (taking your time)
 Breathe out your anger... your blame and your judgments,
and breathe out every thought that keeps you from G-d's loving light.
                                 (do not rush this process)
As you Breathe in allow yourself to be filled with a warmth; feel it in every cell of you body.
As this warmth grows feel the tranquility, feel the sense of remembering:
You and the light  are one.

Breathe in: and hear these words:
I am the light.
I am love,
I am peace.
Every part of me is radiating love.
I am love.
Let us sit in this space.

That is what my students remembered and brought to this process.
I am forever grateful to them...
They are love.
They have mirrored back to me their essence
We are "Soul Mirrors" for each other.  We are equals:
Indeed we are colleagues.

In this quietude....we can hear the voice that says:
May my body, mind and Spirit live and breathe into the remembering
of who I am in God.
Know that you are blessed,
Be well,
Barbara Azzara (Glabman-Cohen)