November 2020

Good Morning, Dear One,

I am sitting at my computer thinking of all the things I should be grateful for, and yet, I feel resistant, and negative. It has been raining every day, and I wonder why is it raining here, and not in California and Colorado? They need the rain.
Our planet is out of balance.

The world is spinning. I feel as if I am holding on, not willing to release my frustration, my boredom and my feeling of lack of control.
I realize now that this feeling of "No Control" is what is causing my Vertigo, diagnosed a month ago.
"I have no control. The world is spinning. I can feel the fear."
And yet do I truly not have control?  Or is what I am holding onto:
"My will?''
Is it my will that I should be turning over to G-d?... is this true?

As I wander through the changes in my daily life, I am aware of the lack of physical and emotional contact, the lack of physically and intimately being with family, friends and students.
I experience the lack of "one to one contact," and the "ordinariness" of my day. I am sad, and sometimes frustrated.
The absence of the daily happenings that are no longer part of my day brings me to a new feeling of what I am longing for and of who I am.
In this "emptiness" in the reduction of "noisy doing", I am allowing something new to fill me....a silence. In this silence there is nothing to do, and I notice as I arrive here that I am "Fully present."
I breathe into this silence... and hear: "be grateful for who you are." I realize that I have always been following the light.

Emmanuel said:
"You have come as Light, to transform darkness,
to move ultimately into the bright remembering
of who you are."

YES! And this holds my gratitude.
This what I am thankful for... this is my Thanksgiving: I am remembering.
I ask you to join me here.
Let us be grateful. Please take your time to list what you are thankful for.
Gratitude changes our perception and allows for joy.

And now let us be thankful together and pray:

Dear G-d.
Help me to remember I am your child.
Help me to be thankful.
I am choosing to remember that I am a child of the Universe.
This day, I am thankful, I have lifted myself above the whispers of Fear.
Today, I marinate in the love that I am, and I surrender my will to you.
This Thanksgiving may we all remember that we are the essence of love.
In gratitude, and in thanksgiving for all that is,
My blessings,
Barbara (aka Glabman-Cohen)

Please watch the video 'Surrender' (Mom's Hands):