February 2020

Dear One,

February: The month of Love

I have been writing my Love Letters since January 2010.  That first letter was a paragraph about money and feelings.  I spent today rereading all the letters I had written through the years, and was amazed how deep and how powerful my exploration had become:
wounding, addiction, fear, choice, attachment, surrender, and unconditional love.
What do I want to write about today?

I want to resend my Love Letter of February 2015.

and I want to include in this message:
G·d has not forgotten us... we have forgotten
who we are as a creation of G·d.
It is time we remember who we are, that we stop finding fault with ourselves, and accept with love all of who we are.
In our humanness we are imperfect, and as the 12 Step Program teaches we strive for excellence, not perfection.
When you finally accept that your happiness does not come from "out there", and that your unhappiness comes from your demand that some one "out there" will "give it to you"... love begins to blossom.

Love comes from within, and as Sylvia Boorstein wrote in 'HAPPINESS IS AN INSIDE JOB'. The experience of suffering comes from the belief that someone "out" there is responsible for our joy. This is Attachment.  As we give up what we cling to, when we consciously renounce this attachment and begin to focus on the internal... we let go of the suffering.

Valentines Day... eternal love. I want to resend my Love Letter of February 2017.
Please read it slowly... breathe into the meaning, and allow it to effect you.
All fear is about loss, and to love fearlessly and unconditionally we must open our hearts to this loss.
This heartbreaking experience if allowed breaks our hearts open and allows us to love without fear or restraints.

My prayer:

Dear G·d,
Help me choose Love to be the bottom line of my daily existence.
Help me to hold my self in tender mercy so that I may offer this tenderness to others.
May we all become our own "Merciful Mothers."
Help me too make Love the purpose of my life.

Barbara Azzara (Glabman-Cohen)