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Masters Degrees in both Sexuality and Education (New York University, 1979)
Senior Pathwork Helper and Teacher (International Pathwork of Transformation, 1981)
Core Energetic Training (John Pierokos) (1984)
B.R.E.T.H Training (1984)
Deconstructive Writing...Rewiring Your Thoughts: Exploring the myths of the mind. (© 2001)
A MASTER CLASS IN LOVE (Curriculum and upcoming book, © TBA)
Inspiring Spirit: The use of breath to access your essential self. (B.R.E.T.H.)

Barbara is a Helper and Senior Teacher in the Pathwork of Self-transformation, training people in United States, Italy, Australia, and Brazil; master teacher of Love and leader of Inspiring Spirit .... Barbara's practice focuses on dealing effectively with the deeper meaning of fear as the only addiction on the planet. The essence of this work is to treat the wounded self with a loving kindness that opens the door to the ultimate exploration of the relationship to self, other, and the God within. She leads seminars with Emmanuel, the Spirit Guide, who teaches that Love and Fear can not occupy the same place. Through her work, Barbara has learned to bring compassion to the human journey. Her love is her work made manifest. When combined with Wastu practices provided by Adriano Azzara, spiritual guidance is supported by physiological release.

Scientific education (Doctor in Electronic Engineering, Torino, Italy 1966)
Love of adventure (Consulting Engineer for 25 years in the Middle East)
Love of sea (Four Atlantic crossing in his own sailing boat)
Love of "Mother Earth": Eco-Farm in Umbria, Italy
Certified Massage Therapist (Philips School of Massage, Nevada City, California, 2004)
Reflexology and Cranio-sacral (Class work with Milne Institute, Berkeley, California)
Watsu®Practitioner (Class work at Harbin Hot Spring, California from 2006)

Adriano's love of water led to his own personal experience of the power of water therapy in healing and rehabilitating his own sacral fracture. He has found in Watsu® the most profound healing practice than can be offered.

Watsu® aligns the physical and energetic life force. On this path of energetic healing and balance, Adriano works in partnership with his wife, Barbara Azzara, who offers a spirit-centered conceptual modality of practice for people who are willing to explore a deeper connection between mind, body and heart.

Contact Rev. Barbara Azzara (aka Glabman/Cohen)
530.432.3887 | Penn Valley, California

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