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Barbara is my merciful mother. The one I have always longed for. Shame cannot exist in the same space when I am with her. I feel her love and compassion and the shame and self-judgement melt away. Then I am just left with the simple truth of the matter and ďthat my dear we can work with!Ē

Her presence makes it possible to meet the unpleasantness and ugliness in myself and see the beauty that is there. Donít get me wrong, her manner and way of teaching can throw me off balance, frustrate me or leave me wondering what just happened here. But it always ends up being a potent learning! Always!

I am so grateful for her presence in my life. I am so grateful that because of this work with Barbara I can feel my own inner merciful mother growing.

Margie Rennie Mars, MEd; LPC
Florida, USA

I have been working with Barbara for the past five months as my Helper. She is the epitome of the archetype of the ‘Wise Woman’. I feel so safe, seen, heard and loved by Barbara. She has never tried to change me. A space is provided where I feel safe to express my vulnerabilities, show my dark side, and to celebrate the light and love in me.

I have learned more about what it is to allow love in my life and then express that love, in the past five months than I have in this lifetime. What a gift! I feel such trust when I am with her. She models truth and authenticity as I navigate the parts in me that struggle with this.

I am deeply grateful that our paths have met. It is no accident.

Pam Jones
Pathwork Helper
Sarasota, Florida, USA

I have been honored to know Barbara since my early twenties.  I Am now 62.

We have shared many experiences together.

Barbara and her teachings have been the greatest gift to me in this lifetime.
With Barbara, I have learned that I Am a channel for G-D’s love.  We have worked hard together, scrubbing to unmask and heal the parts of my soul that have come here to learn how to live this human experience:  trying to remember who I Am through the soul’s forgetting at birth. 
What looked like an insurmountable task - actually over time became the simplest lesson of all !!

Barbara is "Authentic" and she is what she teaches !!
We have shed many tears together and laughed many times. All part of growing together.

Barbara has been my merciful mother, my friend, my teacher, my soul's source for truth !
Barbara has helped me on this quest for faith in this beautiful, ever unfolding journey towards G-d .
She is my "Verifier", my mirror and G-D’s Ambassador in the search for truth and love. 

Lynne Mitchell
New York, USA

I first met Barbara during my Pathwork training in Fortaleza, Brazil.
She was invited to teach my group. I had already heard many good words about her.
At the beginning, she frightened me, because she is a very powerful presence.  I was afraid to disappoint her.
I had the feeling that I needed to come closer, as something in me knew that she had the answers.
I took my fear and I knocked on her door (truly, in the middle of the night).  With all her Love she opened the door and her heart to me... And that was all there was... her Love.

It took a lot of time for me to understand and to know that what she was mirroring to me was my own essence, my Love through her Loving.  She saw my light even when I couldn’t.  She insisted that she could work with me.

We started the sessions through Skype and I kept resisting to open myself to my own Love and to God.  Again something in me said to GO on...
After awhile, I asked to stop the sessions with time as my excuse.
Some months later we restarted.  I was more opened to receive what she was offering.  I could now give up my history and go beyond my ego.  I saw her and I saw what she was seeing in me.

My mind/ego/fear keeps repeating negative things and repeating sad histories.  I slowly began to give up my attachment to my "woundings".  Barbara helps me to remember that I’m already what I’m trying so hard to be: A VESSEL FOR G-D'S LOVE.  Sometimes I forget and that’s OK.  She is one of the angels that helps me to remember.  I needed to receive her loving.

I’m am thankful that Barbara stayed with me, specially when I wasn’t believing.

Davi Sampaio
Fortaleza, BRAZIL

Barbara is a living example of what she has come to here to teach: We are all vessels for God’s love; our human lives are a testament to our faith in that love; and we have incarnated for this - To Become Masters of Love.

And she uses every last drop, every last drop of material, to remember who she is. Her unwavering commitment to serving God, lights the entire world.

Then there is the love she offers to me: Barbara has shown me what it is to be loved. She never tries to change me, but rather holds the space, with steadfast support, allowing me to experience whatever I need to experience in that moment. In fact, she celebrates the times when I divulge my most terrible judgments and secrets and does not turn away from me. Rather she holds up her lantern in my cave of darkness and, gently, offers another choice: To look into the mirror, holding my hand all the while.

She is my faithful mirror.

I feel safe with Barbara. I know she only says yes when she means it. I can trust her. And I am learning what it means to be trustworthy… not for others; trustworthy for myself. She shows me through example, and always, always holds my feet to fire, never to be deceived by my mask or ego. I love her for that.

And she tells me I must:

"Release every thought that does not serve me;
Go beyond my emotional reaction and respond with my Loving Heart;
Embrace myself with all my imperfections;
Be an authentic integrated example and not just a conceptual drone;
Explore the space between the oneness"

She has given me tools for intimate conversations, sometimes, even, showing me the door, and then holding my hand as I walk in.
Through her loving embrace I know she is always with me, and her wish for me is, perhaps, the most loving wish of my entire life:

“All I wish you, dear Mandy, is your own true love.”

This is who Barbara is to me; and so much, much, much more……..

Thank you, Barbara, for agreeing to be with me in this lifetime. Your light sparks so many embers of self remembering.

I love you.

Mandy Grace Friedlein

As the time passes by and I get to know Barbra even better, experiencing her as an Ambassador of Life becomes stronger. Open with compassion for any and all of my real and imagined troubles in life; silent witness for whatever I need to rant out and loud: reminder of truth. Barbara helps me to be real, to be human and to be divine. What I find unchangeable in her is her forever giving and receiving heart. She would say "Honey I cannot save you...“ but the very fact she doesn't see me as someone who needs saving, reminds me over and over, and in the right moment, that none of us needs saving, just to be received, just to be met, which she does so generously. No matter how hard it gets on the outside, or inside, her life, my life, our experiences and obstacles she will let me see her own human struggle. She will also show me how to rise under the apparent burden of difficulty with her faith, love and natural aliveness. She will reaffirm life and light, dust off the unnecessary and irrelevant and shift the meaning so life will feel good again.

No matter the circumstances, LIFE in this Ambassador will never be overshadowed and hushed down.

I am forever grateful we are walking this life together.

Mirjana, Pathwork Helper

Barbara and I first met in a workshop in Serbia in 2016. She was a strong, intense encouragement. Encouragement for me to be honest with my self, then to develop those virtues that I have a potential to develop, and finally to connect with my joy. Barbara is a great support when it comes to looking at those parts of ourselves that we would sometimes prefer not to look at, and it is because she offers compassion instead of judgement and bravery instead of fear. Courage, sincerity, joy, compassion, spontaneity, energy, and LOVE - is what Barbara Azzara stands for.

Adrijan Volf

Barbara is a blessing to anyone who has the privilege of knowing and working with her, having her as a guide, mentor, teacher, or friend. Six years ago I connected with Barbara through Pat Rodegast and Emmanuel and am forever grateful. I attended an 'Inspiring Spirit' Sacred Journeys through B.R.E.T.H.* retreat in her beautiful Tree House. The experience was transformational. I echo what others have said about Barbara: authentic, exuberant, committed, "a loving guide, " generous, great teacher, passionate, and most of all a lover of life. She lives what she teaches. I look forward to her monthly Love Letters as she shares her thoughts and experiences and she connects with my heart and soul. She is LOVE personified.

Saramae Dalfares
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

One of the most amazing experiences of my life and certainly one that has changed me for the best was to meet Barbara and experience her 'In A Path To Love' workshop. The 3-day workshop was an unforgettable experience of learning and love from Barbara. She is so knowledgeable, so spiritually connected to God and an inspiring teacher. She has given us during and after the seminar so many tools to help us align to the love we all are. I also had the pleasure of connecting with Barbara after the seminar in different occasions and her thoughtfulness, caring personality and all around lessons were absolutely helpful in times of need and disconnect. I hope I can continue to work with Barbara in many other seminars as learning from such 'angel' is a gift I want to continue to receive.

Thank you Barbara for being a light that shines in this world!

Mariana Symecko
Florida, USA

The weekend was a life changer and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Barbara and be a part of her workshop.  Her loving way to address each one's needs is impressive, it feels like she sees right into our hearts.
I felt loved, cared for and could feel the meaning of loving myself. 
Knowing Barbara was one of the best experiences of my life and I am very grateful for that.

Adriane Cardoso
Florida, USA

It was only three days but 'A Path to Love' was deep. We reconnected with the nature of love, love for the self, love for others and love for all beings in a profound experience of being the essence of Love.
It was the most incredible exploration into remembering who we truly are and how to fulfill our life’s potential.  Barbara is very wise.  She is a loving and honest teacher in touch with her own core which made it easier for me to connect with my own self.

Giselle Perez
Holistic Wellness Coach and Energy Healer
Florida, USA

Imagine being inspired to break away from the paths of inertia that we have followed for way too long, and understanding that our own happiness lies in the fulfillment of our spiritual needs. This workshop with Barbara Azzara, was truly a cornerstone in my own realization of these truths. After two days, I walked out uplifted and eager to continue on the path of self discovery.

Jorge Aguilar
Florida, USA

Thank you for your existence. Your presence in our lives is so precious to all of us. You are inspiration for everyone who is on the path of self-realization. With your inexhaustible strength you inspire me to seek willingly for my powers that are often hidden somewhere, or temporarily worn out.
You testify that soul is forever young and that our being never grows old, but also that joy is not in laziness, but in activity and creativity, so that giving is much greater pleasure than receiving.
I am sending you my love and admiration,

Vladislav Stefanovic
Belgrade, SERBIA

Since I met her my soul knew I would follow her. Who wouldn't ???
She brings us closer to ourselves, to our hearts, to God, to life. She is life itself.
She is the God-est and the most human person I have ever met - if I can say that !
She invites us to acknowledge our God-like image and our humanity as well.
She is a song.
She is real !!!
She helped me look in the mirror and see - for the first time - the Angel behind the Angela.
I cannot thank her enough and I am very honored and very proud to be 'her translator'.
From my heart and my soul
Thank you Barbara

Angela Maria Bezerra Saboia
Translator for Pathwork Retreats

Light as a breeze, and strong as a storm...
it depends on whom and how one experiences Barbara's passing.

Fernanda Nasciminto
Senior Helper
Salvador, BRAZIL

My experience with Rev. Barbara Azzara:

With Barbara, it is ok to be who you are! She does not judge you. That doesn't mean she will pamper you. She will ask you what "here" is yours. She will say directly: "Honey...look...own it"! (and you might not want to.) Owning it means no blaming, no shaming and not being the victim.

She will present a faithful mirror and opens up the space to hold you if you should fall.

She will often shake you up, but then she will walk with you through your fears. While she is doing this, she is uniquely compassionate in her way. You might not know what conceptually has happened to you in this process, but you end up not feeling wrong, guilty, or small. You know that your energy has changed. After a session, I feel responsible for all of myself. I feel empowered.

Barbara offers a safe nest for you to unfold all of yourself, but only when you are ready. She allows you to see when she is upset and when she is angry. She does not mask or pretend to be "spiritual" when triggered by human nature, by the common absurdity which irritates each of us, or by her own challenges. She is sparkling, joyous and full of life...Barbara is real.

She will say ''REMEMBER'' when you need it most, without the pose of being a spiritual teacher. She reveals the depth of her humanness and she shares with us that she too has experienced "walking on thorns" in her life. She reminds us, as she continually reminds herself, to remember that each of us is sourced by G-d.

She has opened to the vastness of her heart and that is what she teaches by example. Barbara is real as a human being, as a teacher, and as a spark of the divine light. She leads us into the experience of the "oneness" to find for ourselves that there is only one truth: that is love.

I am blessed to have this opportunity to learn from such a human-angel.

Mirjana Kovacevic
Helper in the Pathwork of South-Eastern Europe

It was great to take part in the workshop, despite my resistance to this kind of work. Barbara delights us and holds everybody's attention. She is contagious.. One cannot help but draw lessons that will help us find the way to live more in peace and in harmony within a conjugal love.


I was amazed with her work for in such short time she helped me to get in touch with deep and profound issues of my being and of my relationship with my husband. I wish and pray i can work with her again so i will go even deeper on my path.

Carmem Paula
Banker and Biodanza teacher

She is a must! Her availability, her attention, and the love she dedicates to each one of us is amazing! She helps us live Heaven on Earth. I experienced my best feelings. My heart opened even more and I became closer to the God in me. Today i have more consciousness and spiritual maturity . I feel more prepared to face the daily challenges with love and grounding. I was able to experience the infinite possibilities of seeing each human being for the first time.

Dale Carnegie Teacher

It was simply wonderful,.... what was achieved in so short a time! My whole contact with her was VERY special. I have a lot to be grateful for.


I could enjoy the clarity and life experience and knowledge of this "perfectly imperfect person" who Barbara is. I feel privileged to be able to say her company was a gift to me. She is a wise and assertive woman which resonates from her honesty, truth and knowledge of herself. She shows me that it is possible, even in fear, to be in actual control and be able to face something in the truth. Her humanity, knowledge and acceptance of her shadows, amazed me and I appreciated her sharing the clarity she receives from doing her daily review. as she does it all the time. and many times sharing that she wold forget and choose the shadow. I left the work with much more acceptance of myself where I am, being sure that I can choose all the time do it differently or not, but knowing consciously the price to pay.

Therapist and Rolpher

Such a short period and yet so fruitful! It brought to my consciousness the importance of being alert to the tricks of my fear and its intent to separate me me from my divine essence. I have experienced strong emotions, sometimes fear, sometimes love with the same intensity. I can say I was guided to recognize my frailty and how to deal with it. I was also guided to let my divine gift flow and to accept that I am an angel. I am grateful to Barbara for her courage to lead the group with such balance, mixing firmness and love so wisely. I am grateful to Angela for bringing this gem. I am grateful to the place and the people who welcomed us and to everybody in the workshop who shared their feelings.

Pathwork Helper

Thank you for sharing you're human-ness with me.  That is what makes Rev. Barbara Azzara stand out from other teachers.  She is a Spiritual Friend in the highest sense.  Her kind of leadership seems so rare to me at this point in my experience.  It is almost startlingly real to me when she shares.

Barbara is in the business of transformation.  She is being a high angel vulnerably in human form.  Grace has a place to be expressed in the world when Barbara stands in the integrity of who she is.
Fear is part of the Oneness, yearning is part of the Oneness.  The Oneness is Love.  Nothing escapes Love.  Love IS all there is.

I Love You,

Leagh Janell
Oneness Trainer
Fairfield, Iowa, USA

If I had to pick one word to describe Barbara Azzara from other teacher/facilitators I have worked with, it would be "generosity."

Barbara is skilled at building containers.  She has a coherent point of view and expresses it clearly.  She has exquisite instincts about when an opportunity for breakthrough is presenting itself.  And, she is skilled at setting up and running both individual and group processes.  All of these traits one might find, to one degree or another, in other teacher/facilitators of her stature.  But I have yet to meet anyone in that role who gives of herself so fully, without fanfare and without reservation. The effects of her energetic initiative are subtle, and dependent on context, but the bottom line is that wonderful things emerge.

Karl Oaks
New York Pathwork

Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for a wonderful and powerful weekend at Menla. 
Thank you for your open heart and the generosity with which you you shared so much of yourself with us.
Thank you for teaching by example how to live fully open in your humanness. 
Thank you for being a role model of a woman who accepts, embraces, and trusts herself, and who is authentic and courageous. 
Thank you for your lifetime of wisdom, and for being an open channel, freely sharing with us all that you have received. 
Thank you for living a life full of love and adventure, as well as loss and grief, and for allowing it to move you deeply and open your heart, helping me to remember to be less afraid of those painful parts of life.
Thank you for your kindness and your humor.
Thank you for staying steady throughout the weekend, when everything that could go wrong did, and for seeing and trusting in the lessons available in every mishap, large and small. 
Thank you for seeing and affirming each of us in our goodness and worthiness. 
Thank you for creating a safe and sacred space for us to soften into, to let go of burdens, and open to the infinite possibilities for healing. 
Thank you for holding our pain and our stories with wisdom and tenderness. 
Thank you for helping me to step back and view life from a wider lens, seeing how fundamentally and profoundly good it all is! 
Thank you for reminding me that I always have a choice, and that I can remember again and again to let go of the hand of fear, and choose the hand of love. 
Thank you for carrying the torch for Love, the only reality.


With Love,

Beth Cohen
Body/Mind Healing Facilitator
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

My name is Emma Mitchell, and I am a student at Clark University. Being twenty on a Pathwork retreat was one of the toughest emotional experiences of my life. However, I thank God everyday that I was able to share this experience with Barbara Azzara. The tears, love, and energy in the room will never be forgotten or replaced by anything in my life. Rev. Azzara has the gift of peering into one's heart and accepting them for who they are. Not once in that room did I feel judged, manipulated, or in my lower self. The High energy that Barbara came in with was passed on to every person in that room. I never felt as open and honest with MYSELF and able to communicate and express my feelings with a group of compassionate strangers. Barbara made the process so easy and so inviting for me as a newcomer. I didn't know what to expect, at first I was nervous. But, after hearing from Barbara that it was okay to express my emotions, I didn't hold back. As Barbara said, tears are our liquid longing. I learned more in those few days than I have in any class I've taken in college. If I had to take one thing away from this, I'd say that the power of integrity and teaching is what keeps us true to our inner selves. Barbara taught me a great deal and still challenges me to be the best version of myself everyday. I can honestly say she has saved and blessed my life. I hold myself to a higher standard because she taught me it's okay to love myself. I would recommend this retreat to anyone willing to understand themselves and are ready to feel the love. I believe that every soul on earth should experience the love and wisdom of the pathwork. In addition, college students should have the option of the pathwork. I am inspired to now introduce the Pathwork to different institutions so my generation will be educated.

Emma Mitchell
Massachusetts, USA

I am eternally grateful to Barbara for holding me to the highest standard, no matter how many times I wanted to take the plunge into my lower-self!

I have been blessed to know Barbara now for 30 wonderful years and consider her to be my spiritual mother on this plane.

Barbara has witnessed more in my lifetime than most of the people closest to me. Through my ups and downs, she has held my hand with a firm and loving grip. Always having me find the truth of self in every event. Reminding me of the oneness and how everything I see is a mirror image of myself.

Barbara, Emmanuel and The Pathwork have taught me that I am a spiritual being living in human form. Barbara has shown me how to recognize my fear as being the absence of love, how to love and forgive myself for what faults I may see in others -- that are really mine.

Since working with Barbara, I have found the deepest meaning of life -- and the joy and love that can be found, no matter what is on our path. Barbara always has a way of getting to the truth!! She sees clearly and I must admit that I am amazed at her ability to cut through all the 'noise' to find it.

I am blessed to call Barbara my teacher and friend!!

With undying love Your devoted student,
Lynne Mitchell
Spiritual Healer and Channel (New York)

Barbara, your ability to encourage us to reveal more of ourselves while we are in each others' midst never ceases to amaze me.
Revealing without judgment, providing us with a loving forum to expose everything, laying it all on the line.
I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to have the opportunity to work with you and the rest the group.
I have changed my life as the result of our work together, thank you.

Christine Portney
Sacramento, California, USA

Barbara herself and her teaching and work are a straightforward and compassionate reminder and unforgettable experience of ''Love is all there is''.

What I've experienced with her and from her - ''that there is no separation that love cannot bridge, that we are never that far from ourselves and from each other'' -- made all the difference in the world for me.

Dear Barbara, thank you for making this clear, for your truthfulness, authenticity and open heart in being who you are and sharing it.

Tamara Belenzada
Pathwork of South-Eastern Europe (SERBIA)

The Inspiring Spirit (BRETH) was one of the greatest experiences I ever had in my life. I could only compare it with giving birth to a child. Thank you for your courage, strength and honesty, thank you for the wonderful gifts you gave me, thank you for being Barbara!

Tanja Drobni
Pathwork of South-Eastern Europe

Thank you so much Barbara for giving us the great gift of your authenticity, your realness, your truthful self, in all of its inspiration as well as all of its humanness. It is a compelling invitation for many of us, to follow suit, to step into our authentic selves, and to relax into the human experience.

Charles Cresson Wood
Pathwork Helper and Author, Opening To Abundance
Mendicino, California, USA

I've been in Pathwork for 5 years and have been blessed to have amazing helpers on my path, one of them is Barbara.

I appreciate Barbara's being so present in sessions, authentic, lively, downright and giving with love and understanding for the phase of development I find myself in. She supports me in questioning everything, challenging, finding truth, always coming back to myself and taking responsibility without being hard on myself - owning my own, hence opening my heart more. She calls things their true names, helps me accept the past and work through it but not hang onto it; encourages new choices, free will. Work with Barbara affects me in a way that I don't see my 'troubles' as vastly serious as before, nor I hide them from myself. I feel empowered, more present in my heart and embracing my passion for life more. I feel more accepting of this human life, and more committed to my true being.

As I experience her, Barbara comes from a big, fiery heart, deep faith and love, the truth about being HUMAN with flaws and not hiding it; the truth about our true nature, our light. I appreciate her joyful curiosity of a child combined with deep wisdom of her heart and I am honored to have her as a helper and teacher.

Mirjana Kovacevic
Pathwork of South-Eastern Europe

Barbara encourages me to examine my erroneous thoughts. She reminds me I am here to be human, to learn and make mistakes and she encourages me to love myself anyway. In teaching me this she is unafraid to share examples of her own human limits. Though she is very wise, she does not project herself as some perfectly enlightened guru meditating on a mountain, always getting it right. It is in this honesty, this sharing, I can relax. I don't have to strive to meet some unattainable spiritual ideal as I mother my two children with special needs. I just need to keep questioning my unloving thoughts, letting them go as they come up to be explored. She is a very loving and generous teacher.

Michelle O'Neil, writer, blogger, special needs mother

Working with Barbara has been such a gift and a blessing in my life. She has earned my respect with her intense commitment to being authentic, her honesty about her own humanity and issues and her longing to live in love.

My work with Barbara over the past three years has brought me into my own truth of who I am, the love and compassion I am capable of, and the knowing that with the commitment to make a new choice in the moment, and with the practice of doing so, I can live in my knowing and loving.

As a single mother of three young children, I am able to put to practice, every moment, making a new choice and choosing my love instead of ingrained habitual behavior.

My experience with Barbara in the Masters Class In Love workshops has been so deep and gentle. She has the ability to see or sense when there is something deeper at play, and she holds it so gently that it allows me to go deeper, to really get down to the bottom of an issue while feeling safe and held.

I know that I can talk to her without any filters or pretense and that she can hear me and will encourage me to get to the bottom of the root longing that is under the pain, frustration, judgment and helplessness. With her help, I uncover that base desire to be loved, held, appreciated and heard.

In my working with her, she has given me a template for the compassionate and merciful mother. I have learned to be my own compassionate mother and hold myself so tenderly and lovingly. And when I forget, she is always there to gently remind me. Without that gift, I would still be behind my wall of rigidity towards myself and others.

Through my work with the Master Class In Love, I have been able to grow and nurture myself, therefore I have been able to grow and nurture my relationships. When I am really angry at ‚€˜them‚€™, I know to turn and look at myself, for I will find every time that they are mirroring a place within myself that I want to stamp out. With that knowing, I am able to hold myself in the love and acceptance, as well as the ‚€˜other‚€™.

Thank you dear sweet Barbara for showing up in life and being committed to your truth and your love.


Taitha Killion

Our work together is the most important work of my life.  We forage through the depths of my forgetting and together create a space where I am beginning to accept and heal the denial of my own self-loving; the fear to embrace all that is inside me, all that I am, both the light and the dark; to honor who I am in God's image and accept responsibility for my life, for my creation. I am awakening to the possibility that life is not a series of battles to be fought except those that I create for myself, within myself.  She lovingly guides me through corridors and into the rooms of my distorted illusions, and it is there I can see that these modes of chosen learning are gifts to be received if I am willing to receive them, thereby receiving myself, receiving God. Offering me the tools necessary to deepen my inner knowing, she places the power in my hands to discover and encourage what I have come here to find: self love. And that the judgments and perceived suffering of others are but reflections of the judgments and perceived suffering in my own heart. 

I am humbled and inspired by her willingness and intention to serve truth.

In thanksgiving to God for her guidance,

Mandy Friedlein

I met Barbara in a workshop in Brazil. I received her monthly Love Letters and they spoke to me deeply. Since then we began talking over Skype weekly.  I was impressed how someone that did not know me at all could care about me and so I began learning about LOVE.  She offered her heart, and I had a sense of what GENEROSITY is.  Through our Skype exchanges, I‚€™m inspired by her honesty, her authenticity and her freedom of being whoever she is ‚€“ NOW, in the present moment. It‚€™s such a beautiful experience... My heart expands in gratitude.

Cibele Salviatto
Pathwork Helper (apprentice) and Sustainability Director at Exceptional Wines and More
Miami, Florida, USA

I began working with Barbara during my second episode of breast cancer. It was a time of tremendous fear and darkness, and I felt desperate to understand why this was happening to me so that I might prevent it from ever happening again.
One of Barbara's favorite things to say to me at that time was: "understanding is the booby prize of life."

Barbara has an unerring ear for the false, and she always seems to know where the juicy old emotions are buried. Together, we go on a journey to the center of myself. Moment by moment, we open each inner door, going slowly, calling out demons, honoring walls, waiting, until we begin to discover where we are - who is this person called Jane, now that she is no longer the strong, healthy and productive body she once was?

Barbara has helped me to become braver as well as softer. She is a wise and loving guide; rigorously honest and outspoken, but never pompous or insensitive. Since she she doesn't hide behind the guise of therapist or teacher, she seems to enter into my consciousness seamlessly, helping me to become my own loving, internal witness. She is also generous and funny. I am immensely grateful to have her in my life.

Jane Mattson
Long Beach, California, USA

"Mothers' arms are made of tenderness, and sweet sleep blesses the child who lies in them." - Victor Hugo

What draws me to you, and it is very beautifully expressed in that quote I gave you from Victor Hugo... for me, the blessing of your tender arms is not "sweet sleep" but that trusting terrain of letting go, opening up and sitting in my darkness with loving acceptance. Thank you from my loving heart for giving me that.

Matt Guilfoyle
Tiberon, California, USA

For Barbara ("powder keg of love"), to my beloved teacher:

Thank you for being the feisty Bridge
to Truth and Self.
Thank you for the invigorating wrestling
for love and health.
Thank you for the fun and deadly serious,
the soft Being, the hard and Furious.
Thank you for Being there with me
where others walked away.
Thank you is what I feel for you, today.

With love, your student,

Robert G

I have experienced Barbara as a teacher since 2000 and have been a student in her Master Class in Love since 2006. She has been my Pathwork Helper since January 2008. Barbara has not always been an easy teacher for me. Many times I have resisted what she has asked, what she has observed, what she required from me as her student. During these times her persistent love, her ability not to take my resistances personally, and her acceptance of all of who I am, allowed me to relax into my resistance and dive beneath to see what my real concern/fear was. The following highlights what I consider to be one of Barbara's greatest strengths: to walk wherever that student needs to walk - from the bowels of despair to the mountaintop of joy. She is a faithful companion on the journey, one who shares with honesty and reality her own life struggles and successes, her humanity as well as her divinity. She is a gift!

Sheila James, Mediator and Collaborative Attorney
Claremont, California, USA

I do not know a more passionate and committed role model for being in truth and coming from love. With incredible wisdom, love and integrity, she teaches from that intention. She cuts away the extraneous, to examine the myriad ways that I have denied my divine humanness. Finally, I am left with the choices that are only mine to make, revealing the bottom line of needing to fall in love with myself. The work I've done with Barbara has been an amazing blessing to my life. God's Love truly pours through Barbara's work. It is life-changing.

Elsie Rippel
Artist and Pathwork Facilitator
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

I met Barbara nearly four years ago as I was just starting to awaken from six years of darkness. My journey with her has been filled with raw awakenings, joy and honestly. Barbara is a teacher, a healer, a loving guide and a friend. It is her commitment to speaking and seeking the truth that provides an opportunity to move beyond our misconceptions, our masks and our old "stories" in order to find and love our true selves.

Peggy Hilden
Kaiser Permanente
San Francsico, California, USA

My commitment to deepen was the change I promised myself after cancer. My ego wasn't as important as my need to know who I am and why I always seem to choose approval from outside myself. As I fought, stretched, and explored my lower self with this human named Barbara, I grew. She is not an easy teacher, but I never liked anything easy and with that I can rely on her to call me on my pretenses and meet me in those scary places I'm too afraid to traverse alone.

Bonnie Chung, M.A. Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies with a certification in Conflict Resolution, JFKU; Pathworker, Certified Massage Therapist, Animal Communicator
San Francisco, California, USA

I met Barbara when she came to Brazil to a Pathwork meeting last year. The strength of her loving and simple teachings touched my heart deeply. She helped me find all the joy that exists hidden behind the sadness and that "whenever you are in fear, you cannot love." I am grateful to the wisdom of these words.

Simone Abaib, Pediatric Surgeon,
Affiliate Professor of the Department of Surgery of the Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil;
President of Safe Kids Brazil
Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

Barbara Glabman Cohen Azzara is the Merciful Mother you never had but wished you did.

Mychelle Charters, LCSW
Beverly Hills, California, USA

I have had Pathwork sessions with Barbara Azzara, and am grateful for her safe holding of the hurt, unloving and frightened places inside me. I have benefited from her gentle guidance and intuitive seeing of where I need to work inside. Her teaching and healing are a valuable gift, and inspire confidence and trust.

Lynnie Jenkins, Homeopath, Co-chair of the Pathwork of Southeastern Europe

I have known Barbara for 10 years now. She entered my life in February 2000 and has been a force to be reckoned with since then. Brilliant, uncannily insightful, spiritually mastered and brutally honest. I have grown to appreciate and love everything about her. Over the years she has gone from being mentor, to great aunt, to merciful mother. Although at times I wished I could reach out and strangle her through the phone - it was those times when she loved me the most and gave me the greatest gifts. I am a pretty tough cookie and her honesty and timing where what I needed to propel my spiritual growth. Everyone should be so fortunate to have a gift like Barbara in their life. I am forever grateful for her and all that she has taught me.

Leda Anagnostopoulos, CHC, AADP
Long Island, New York, USA

Vivo in Italia e non ci siamo ne'mai incontrati e ne' nemmeno mai visti, solamente sentiti al telefono. Ma la forza dei suoi insegnamenti vi raggiungera' "dentro", a prescindere da qualsiasi ostacolo. La liberta', ed il prendere responsabilita' della propria vita non sara' piu' un opzione.

Emiliano Manfren, Hotel Manager
Venice, ITALY

Barbara is a master lover of life, and her exuberance and vast collection of skills and experience pour forth into all that she creates--most especially in her heart-centered work as a teacher and counsellor.

Marjorie Bair, Therapist, Group Facilitator, Writer
Sebastopol, California, USA

Barbara Azzara came to teach in Brazil and several times I had the pleasure to translate her workshops. I can testify that the students had a great teacher in Barbara, a light and witty, good humored person that they love to be with. Barbara teaches from her heart and from a great life of experience.

Lilian Grace Trebilcock, Pathwork Helper and Teacher
Sao Paulo, BRAZIL

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561.961.0613 | Boca Raton, Florida

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