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Emmanuel's Teachings as a Key to entering Heaven on Earth

If your heart does not sing do not follow.

The only requirement for relationship is to allow yourself to be who you are.

Yes! Said in the moment of now releases all that has been frozen in history.

Fear vanishes when love knows the purpose of the terror.

Find your heart and you have found both your purpose and your way.

What happens in relationship is that the "other" focus becomes oriented...in what seems to be the name of love. What I am suggesting to you is this: relationship is merely an out-picturing of the relationship you have with self. Find the truth of self-loving and you will open the doors to the miracle of two becoming one.

One can be with one's own passion and not need to invade or place demand on another. One can be with one's own celibacy and not allow one's self to be invaded by another.

Let there by no doubt, the journey of human experience is not about richness nor the accumulation of power; it is about who you truly are; it is about love.

Love only lives in the moment of now.

In one breath you can be united with all there is.

In the world of oneness there is no suffering.

Without your costume you are god.

The truth of you lives in the eternal now, in the breath.

The moment you are "label-less" you will live in the now. The moment you are in the now you are free to transform your life and world.

No one else can give you back your fullness and no one else can take it away.

You do not have to define or explain yourself to anyone; you do not need verification.

What is embraced becomes perfection.

Anything your awareness touches blossoms into life.

When fear chooses the lover there is no way that love can come to fruition.

Love is commitment, love is an act of faith, love is the top of the mountain, love is the last thing provable.

Pain is the result of denial of some truth.

There is nothing on this planet that could not be transformed by loving yourself.

Habit overrides desire, and the child overrides the adult. Behavior overrides being-ness, and No! overrides Yes! Your task is to practice Yes.

It is not you who are unlovable, but the means with which you strive to obtain love.

Wherever there is a psychological pain, wherever there is physical pain, there is a mourning that has not been honored, there is a tear that has not been shed.

To rescue and walk with are instantaneously incompatible.

Once a label is applied, there is not room for anything but disappointment.

Self-judgment is not self-responsibility.
Self-castigation is not spiritual work.

The enlightenment is the willingness to embrace what is.

Cruelty is your defense standing sentinel at the doorway of the child's terror.

Compassion for the self will set you free.

The moment of saying Yes while you are in the illusion brings one into perfection.

The angel resides in the heart, the human resides in the body.

Pledge alliance to your own heart.

You are not the victim of your fear, you are the creation of it.

Your self love is your authority.

Pain serves the remembering, it is not punishment.

In the moment of Yes! is the union of self.

Intellectual satisfaction is not the feast it is the crumbs.

Your mind is seeking to solve something that your mind cannot understand.

When your heart is open, you are present, and when you are present God is.

True intelligence of the mind is to trust the wisdom of the heart.


If you are willing, choose one of these thoughts each morning or once a week, meditate and bring to consciousness a deeper awareness of what this teaching means.



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